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The Lena Horne Dress by Tabitha Sewer!!!

When Tabitha asked me to be on her blogger tour for her “Secret Project” I was OVER THE MOON. Anything that Tabitha touches is gold, because she does hard work and has a great eye! Her first pattern is no exception. The Lena Horne makes you want to run and frolic on a summer day, and you feel so feminine and pretty wearing it.

Because I keep my shoulders covered during normal activities (aside from swimming and sports), I chose to draft a little top to go underneath as well. I love it so much I will be making many more! (I did use Made By Rae shirt patterns to help with the drafting.) ** if you are interested in the WHY I keep my shoulders covered you can go here.

The next thing I wanted to do…. is… Color-block it. I mean, you know me. I love color-blocking anything I can!!! So I ordered some fabric from D&H Fabrics, Fancy Tiger Crafts, and used some leftover scraps from Stonemountain and Daughter to create the color scheme of my dreams!

Here is how I color-blocked my pieces:

1. I cut the pattern pieces out, then folded them into sections and cut pieces of fabric using portions of the pattern pieces. (So for the skirt I took the big rectangle and folded it into sections and each section was a different color of fabric. I added seam allowance to account for having to sew them back together.)

2.I then serged the pieces together and laid the original pattern piece on top to check it was the right size (snipping any excess off). (see photo above)

Here’s a tip! When I cut out the pattern piece, I cut out the dart wedge so I could just use my chaco liner to easily mark the dart! So much faster.
Also, When I iron darts— I don’t own a tailor’s ham— so I just roll up some fabric and use that underneath! I’m feeling so tippy today.

Special thank you to Addison Hill Photography in Atlanta and Topstitch for taking these photos for me!!

Now, on to the Review:

*I sewed a straight size 4. (My measurements are Bust: 34.5/35 Waist: 28 Full Hip: 36) This fit perfectly

*I used 100% linen (the light pink is a heavier weight so it held the ruffle pretty stiff which I like)

*I chose the midi length.

Those back ruffles are so beautiful. I found this pattern easy to make. There aren’t too many pattern pieces, the directions are straight forward, and besides doing the lining for the straps, it’s not hard! (I will show you the strap lining)

My fabric was very thick and because those ruffles were so stiff it was very tricky trying to sew the linen RST without catching the ruffle (which still happened for me– I just unpicked those areas where it caught the ruffle and then topstitched them closed. No way was I going to try and pull it back and do it again!! Pictured above is how I kept those ruffles out of the way. I would push them right before they went under the presser foot.

Tabitha has a great video series coming soon to help you through this though!

Just looking off to find some color somewhere!!
Oh wait, I’m the most colorful thing just laying on this railing with a painted wall behind me. La-ti-da.

And LOOK!! Surprise Surprise I can JUMP in it too!!! Happy colorful, ruffly dress day! Run and get your perfect dress pattern now so you can join me as I frolic in colorful places!

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6 thoughts on “The Lena Horne Dress by Tabitha Sewer!!!

  1. Daniela says:

    I love your colorful version so much! I can’t wait to sew up this pattern. I was wondering about the zipper being only on the bodice. Doesn’t it make it difficult to put the dress on? I am a size 0 but still there is a difference in size between the waist and the hips. I am wondering how I will get into the dress without a zipper on the skirt.

    1. katiekortman says:

      You put it over your head to get into the dress! And the zipper opens up that area so you can get it over your shoulders:)

      1. Daniela says:

        I understand but the zipper stops at the smallest part which is the waist. If the zipper doesn’t go past the waist it’s hard for me to imagine how my waist size would accomodate my shoulders.

  2. I just heard your interview on Creative Queso Podcast, and holy wow, am I INSPIRED! I’ve been toying with the idea of beginning to make some clothes for myself and this has just put me over the edge. Keep it up, and thanks for the huge heaping dose of inspiration. XO Chelsea

    1. katiekortman says:

      That”s awesome!! I’m so glad you listened and came to my blog!! Thank you!

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