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Wear Happy Color 2021

A photo from 2019– the first year of Sew Happy Color!

It’s Time for Wear Happy Color

This will be the 3rd year of Wear Happy Color, which started out as “Sew Happy Color,” but has expanded to include all sorts of making and/or wearing of color. Read below to find out what this is, and how to participate! It runs all March long and there will be different themes and prizes.

How to Participate:

Wear Happy Color is a chance to revive your wardrobe by finding new color combinations to wear, and to experiment with color in general! You may be surprised by what you can do with what you already have. You may also find colors you want more of in your wardrobe!

As you can see in the schedule above, each week will be a different color focus. We will focus on the color of the week and create MONOCHROMATIC, COMPLEMENTARY, ANALOGOUS, and SPLIT-COMPLEMENTARY (or the “Faux” version I talk about in my BOOK) color schemes with that color. 

I will show you examples at the start of each week, along with more info in my stories. But for the most comprehensive guide and fun, colorful examples, check out my E-BOOK! And make sure you have printed my free (you should’ve received a code when you signed up for emails) color wheel postcard to help you!

I recommend pulling out all the clothes and accessories in your closet for that color of the week, and then start playing with the color schemes. It is REALLY fun!!! 

To participate you just need to post photos of your outfits for that week and use the hashtags to be entered to win that week’s prizes! #wearhappycolor2021 (for shoe prizes), #sewhappycolor2021 (for sewing related prizes) and #knithappycolor2021 (for knitting, crocheting, and all yarn-related prizes!)



CLOSET CORE PATTERNS: Learn to Sew class plus patterns!

Amy Nicole Studio— winner will get to have 3 of her patterns! 

Topstitch ATL: fabric and patterns

Nerida Hansen: $100 worth of fabric from my collection (prize info coming soon!!! but exciting!)

Loom and Stars: $100 gift card for fabric


Kindred Red (yarn she will give away skeins from her latest collection)

LOVE CRAFTS (yarn prize to be determined)


Hushpuppies Shoes!!  (1 pair each week)

Charlotte Stone Shoes (1 pair of shoes)

The Shoe Camaraderie (1 Shoe kit/gift card)




Amalia is a yarn Dyer and knitter, and she creates the most gorgeous speckled yarns! She knits them into dreamy garments in color combos that I die over! She also sews a colorful wardrobe so head to her IG to keep up with her KNIT/CROCHET/SEW Happy Color content for March! 


NEFERTITI (The Corny Rainbow on IG)

Nefertiti is a walking rainbow of bright, bold color, and she is not afraid to try all sorts of things with her wardrobe! You will find her inspiring and fun, and I recommend hitting the follow button to keep up with her Sew Happy Color content for March! 


I hope to see you all over on Instagram for a month of fun COLOR!!!!