Hi! I’m Katie. I paint, I sew, I jump, I dance! I also parent 4 children by day (and night).  It can be exhausting, but creating art and clothing and dancing all day really help me enjoy life amongst the mundane and exhausting tasks that can accompany motherhood. I hope that doesn’t sound like I don’t enjoy being a mom. I do. I love my children to the moon and back! But I also need to express myself in other ways;)

I am originally from West Palm Beach, Florida (born in St.Louis though!!). I attended a middle and high school for the arts, then got my Bachelors (BFA) in Drawing and Painting from Brigham Young University. I worked for Anthropologie as a display artist (as in I had a studio in the back where I made art stuff to decorate the store–each store has their own artist!) for a few years in Chicago (suburbs) and in Utah. I later got married and went back to get my Masters (one week between those events!) in Teaching Art.

Here I am now. Married and with 4 kids. I teach out of my home  (art and sewing) when I have free time. We are in the military so we get to move all the time and explore different parts of the world which I absolutely love (except the packing and unpacking part!).

This is my crazy life and I hope you enjoy seeing what I do!