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Wear Happy Color 2022 (The challenge that started before “Dopamine Dressing” was a thing)

Who is Ready for WEAR HAPPY COLOR 2022 on March 1?

This March will be the fourth year of Wear Happy Color! This whole movement started as a challenge for the sewing community back in 2019 with Sew Happy Color, and eventually broadened to all crafters and wearers of colorful clothing! To get yourself ready for this year’s challenge, take a look at what people did in the past couple of years by browsing the hashtags:

Or my previous blog posts:

In the pre-COVID years I took this concept on the road and taught Wear Happy Color classes to people in real life. Recently, I recorded myself teaching a class in my studio and that class is now available for you to watch in the comfort of your home via my online course, Wear Happy Color: Your Guide to a Colorful Wardrobe. When you enroll in this course, you learn all about color theory and how to pair colors together using the color wheel as your guide. You also learn about mixing prints and how to combine neutral tones with your favorite colors. This course includes my pdf ebook Wear Happy Color, as well as a handy digital color wheel postcard. One you enroll in this course, you can watch it as many times as you’d like and there is no expiration date!

This course and ebook will help you if you are new to wearing color and need some guidance. Once you’ve take the course or read the book, then you  are jump in with everyone on Instagram – Katie Kortman and Facebook and wear some color in MARCH!

Since the challenge began back in 2019 I have received endless feedback from people letting me know how wearing color has affected them in a positive way. They told me it boosted their mood and made them feel happier, that they got more compliments, and that they were utilizing more of their existing wardrobe in new ways. Most of the feedback I received over the years has related to how wearing colorful clothing in a purposeful way can be a powerful form of self-care. Wow. I think that is amazing. This revelation is directly related to the current fashion trend of dopamine dressing, and how the clothing we wear can potentially affect our mood. I now feel energized more than ever to continue on with the tradition.

SO without further ado, here are the facts about WEAR HAPPY COLOR 2022 (——Dopamine dressing before that was trendy!)

What is Wear Happy Color?

Wear Happy Color is a month-long challenge in March hosted on Instagram and Facebook by me. Each week there is a different color theme that encourages participants to go into their closets and use that week’s theme to inspire their daily outfits. Then everyone comes together on Instagram/Facebook to post photos of their outfits for the world to see using #wearhappycolor2022.

Are there Live Events?

Yes! On INSTAGRAM beginning March 1  I will be hosting IG Lives about the color wheel, showing off my colorful closet, my sewing studio where the magic happens, and my process for choose things when I get dressed! In my IG stories I will post inspiration and some of the community posts of the color for the week! Make sure to follow me here.

Are there Prizes?

Yes! The 2022 prizes are spectacular! Here they are:

How Do I Enter to Win the Prizes?

You need to do these 2 things each week of March to be entered to win:

  1. You need to participate in that week’s challenge using the hashtag #wearhappycolor2022 on your post. Both public and private Instagram or Facebook accounts are welcome to enter.
  2. I will make a post on Instagram at the end of each week asking people to comment to be entered to win. You must comment on that post to be in the random entry giveaway.

If I randomly choose YOUR name from the comments, then I will check your Instagram account for proof that you entered the challenge using #wearhappycolor2022. If you have a private account, I will ask you to send me screenshots showing that you posted them in your private account or on Facebook to receive the prize.

Are there any Discounts?

Yes! Discount codes for companies participating in Wear Happy Color 2022 can be found below:

  • Katie Kortman: Weekly special discounts on items in the store, sign up for emails and follow me on Instagram to find out what’s in store!
  • Measure Fabric: 20% discount sitewide. Just fabric, leather and trimmings, no pfd’s, muslin or new launches for that month. (doesn’t combine with other discounts) CODE: COLORHAPPYKATIE20
  • HUSHPUPPIES (US) Code: WEARHAPPY Promo:  20% off full price products + free beanie on (U.S. only)  3/1 – 3/14
  • 15% off anything in the shop with WEARHAPPYCOLOR
  • Invisible Practices: 33% off all clothing and products March 1-25 with code: InspiritTheEveryday
  • WEARHAPPYCOLOR2022 for 15% off all items from March 1-25, 2022 at

Now Let’s Get Ready for March 1!

I’m so excited for this year’s Wear Happy Color! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and sign up for my email newsletter for all the colorful updates and latest news!

Check out my online course if you want to jump-start your color theory knowledge in preparation for the challenge! I designed this course especially for people who want to wear more color, but aren’t sure how. The price of this online course includes your own copy of my Wear Happy Color eBook (a $12.00 value) and a Digital Color Wheel Postcard. This month, you can get a $25 discount on the in honor of Wear Happy Color month!

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