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Wear Happy Color 2022 (The challenge that started before “Dopamine Dressing” was a thing)

Who is Ready for WEAR HAPPY COLOR 2022 on March 1? This March will be the fourth year of Wear Happy Color! This whole movement started as a challenge for the sewing community back in 2019 with Sew Happy Color, and eventually broadened to all crafters and wearers of colorful clothing! To get yourself ready for this year's challenge, take a look at what people did in the past couple of years by browsing the hashtags: #wearhappycolor2021 #wearhappycolor2020 #sewhappycolor #sewhappycolor2021 #sewhappycolor2020 #wearhappycolor Or my previous blog posts: Wear Happy Color 2021 Wear Happy Color 2020 Sew Happy Color 2019 In the pre-COVID...

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