Fashion Trends for 2022 – Eyes, Ruffles, Collars and Headbands

Styles and trends come and go, and my whole philosophy is that you should wear what makes YOU happy, which can be totally different from what makes someone else happy. My entire life and style philosophy can be summed up as Wear Happy Color, and I’ve been very happy to see some of my favorite styles and trends become more popular in 2022. Currently, these are the ones I’m loving…

Eyes Towards the Future

I’ve been seeing eyes everywhere! I love all the different interesting graphical uses of the eye symbol on clothing, jewelry and accessories. I used eyes as a motif for my “Creepy Doll” in the “Hauntingly Chic” challenge on Project Runway. When I got home I was inspired by that look and created some handmade sweaters with eyes and a matching mask.

PROJECT RUNWAY — “If You Got It, Haunt It” Episode 1903 — Pictured: Designed by Katie Kortman — (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)

I love these eye earrings by Schiaparelli in their Fall/Winter 21/22 collection. Image © Schiaparelli

orange handbag by Min & Mon

Min & Mon handbags feature tons of eyes! They were also on an episode of Project Runway with me for the accessory challenge. Photo © Min & Mon

Collars Again, Katie?! Yes, and Ruffles Too!

If you watched season 19 of Project Runway, then you’ll remember Christian Siriano giving me a genial “hard time” for making my signature collars on more than one runway look. I can’t deny that I LOVE a good collar! They are so versatile and can really add color and texture to an outfit.

Ruffles are another one of my favorite fashion elements that is appearing on runways, especially around the sleeves on on the collars themselves. I personally think adding a ruffle on a look makes it instantly more feminine and whimsical. Sure, I love structured clothing and tailored looks as well, but add a ruffle to something and instantly you have a little drama! That’s what I did on my colorful dress on Episode 6, and then I made a dress inspired by that piece after I returned home!

Model wears colorful Katie Kortman inset neck dress

Inspired by my Project Runway dress with the ruffled neck and sleeves, I designed my own Inset Neck Dress for my latest collection.

PROJECT RUNWAY — “Fashion Is Back, Baby!” Episode 1906 — Pictured: Katie Kortman — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/Bravo)

My Project Runway friend Octavio has perfected the ruffled look.

Ruffled to the max by the master DOPE. Photo © Octavio Aguilar

I combined my love for collars and ruffles and took it up to the next level with the look I created for the Project Runway season finale. This mega ruffle collar combo makes me so happy! In my online shop I sell my own collars, which are a super easy way to add some drama to any everyday look.

Rocking my mega ruffle collar combo to the Project Runway finale.

Viktor & Rolf certainly know how to work a collar and a ruffle. They were ahead of the game and used dramatic collars and ruffles in their Winter 2019 collection.

Viktor&Rolf collar on actress Jessica Barden from Flaunt Magazine in 2020. Image © Flaunt Magazine

I’m loving this Viktor & Rolf ruffled sleeve from their Winter 19 collection. Image © Viktor&Rolf

I have my own line of multi-tasking collars in my online collection. They are reversible and detachable, making them super easy to pair with any outfit.

model wears a handmade collar by Katie Kortman

I make these detachable collars to add some color to everyday outfits.

Yassss, Queen! Crowns and Headbands

I’ve always been a fan of headbands. I love the way a headband just makes me feel regal whenever I throw one on, it’s such an easy way to add style and interest to my daily look. I’ve been making headbands for many years and right now I have a few left in my online shop in a variety of solid colors, prints and knotted styles.

Katie Kortman wearing a custom oversized green dress.

Wearing a headband is like wearing a crown! We ALL need to wear a crown from time to time.

Amazing crown headband by Rachel Burke. Photo © Rachel Burke

And you KNOW that I had to make a headband for my very first Project Runway look!

PROJECT RUNWAY — Episode 1901 — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)


PROJECT RUNWAY — Episode 1901 — Pictured: Katie Kortman — (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)

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