The Kendrick Overalls

I would apologize for posting 10 photos of these cute overalls, but since I was able to narrow it down from over 300 (that my super duper awesome sister Caroline took), I’m feeling pretty good about it.

I just want to do a quick post about these fabulous Kendrick Overalls. First, They make you look instantly stylish and cool, just because the silhouette is so cute. But aside from that they are also so comfortable! So comfortable I could dance (see here) in them, jump in them, and run all over Skellig Micheal  in them! You should’ve seen the other tourists passing by me over and over (its a small island and only about 40ish people go per day) as I took all these photos. It was kind of embarrassing, but it had to be done. I was so lucky to test this pattern for Hey June Handmade and I felt like they deserved this shoot in one of the coolest places in the world!

Now here is my pattern review:

I am a RTW size 2, but for this pattern (and this happens often) my waist was an 8, but my hip was a 2, so I ended up sewing a 4 and using the built-in ease at the waist to make it a little bigger up top. I used stretch twill for my first pair (green) and non-stretch twill for my second pair (pink) but didn’t see a huge difference in the end result (unlike in some patterns). This is likely bc you interface the waistband.


On my Green pair I hemmed the pants as per the instructions, but on my second pair I made the hem only 1/2 inch (rolled twice) so that I could leave them longer.  I chose the patch pockets for both pairs.


My green pair has the straps left as-is, but for my pink Kendricks I narrowed the straps by 5/8 inch on the outer edge and 3/8 inch on the inner edge, resulting in an overall thinner overall strap (see above photo).  I did this adjustment AFTER I’d already finished the overalls.

Now head over to my instagram feed and see how well they can be danced in, jumped in, and pretty much worn to live your BEST LIFE!

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