The Fulton Sweater Blazer

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for this FABULOUS blazer! Its called the “Fulton Sweater Blazer” and its by Alina Design Co.  Its soft but structured, it looks sleek yet is as comfortable as a cardigan. The best parts? That collar and THOSE GIANT POCKETS! You know what I can stick in there? Everything. I can probably leave my diaper bag at home now because I can just throw it all in those pockets.


I love that the back has a seam. It results in more structure and the ability to make adjustments back there. On this blazer (it was my second one) I did end up scooping out just a little bit from the middle center back (about 1 inch).

IMG_1833For my second blazer (I’ll show you the first in a second) I used a thick double knit I’d purchased at Michael Levine in LA almost a year ago. When I bought it, I had the intention of recreating my favorite knit sweater blazer from Banana Republic. I didn’t have a pattern though that was closer enough to what I wanted so it sat on the shelf. When Alina told me what she was planning for her next pattern I squealed and jumped for joy (see 1st photo) because I could make my knit blazer dreams come true!!! I would venture to say that this sweater is even better than my store bought one (its those pockets)!

Pattern Specs:

Fabric: Double knit  from Micheal Levine

Size:  My bust put me in a size 6 and my hips put me in a 2, so I sewed up a 4 and took the hips in about 1/4 inch gradually to the bottom.  I also scooped about 1 inch out of the back so that it sat more snug against my back.

Honestly you can just sew this pattern straight out without much adjustments. I just have crazy small hips compared to my waist and bust (though that bust isn’t quite so busty after 4 kids if you know what I mean!!!)


Here was my “wearable muslin” made out of scraps of 3 different fabrics I had in my stash. I discovered with this one that you really need to make sure that your fabric has enough structure. If it doesn’t you’ll need to interface the heck out of it. Those pockets? They were a wonky, stretchy nightmare to put on. Also, the color blocking (which you can see more of on my instagram–those arms aren’t navy in the back!) was fun, but made it take twice as long to sew up!

Pattern specs from my muslin:

Fabric: Navy French Terry from Joann’s , mustard vintage thrifted polyester, and seafoam french terry from LA fabric district.

Size: I sewed a straight 4 for this one, but straightened the hip curve just a little. Alina took some of the ease out of the hips for the final pattern so I don’t think this would be a necessary alteration anymore.


Have you convinced you that this pattern is FREAKING AWESOME yet? Because it really is.  If you are worried about making the collar she even has a video tutorial to help you.

I already have another planned out in my head and if I didn’t have a long list of projects lined up, it would be coming to fruition already. Go get yours here! And if you want to see me do some dances to QUEEN in this Rad jacket, go to my Instagram! Or click the hashtag #thehandmadehustle  (on insta).

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