The Jade/Isla Mashup

Made by Rae has been on my radar since my early years of sewing. I remember when I had my first daughter and sewed up a free shirt pattern (it wasn’t a pattern, more like step-by-step instructions) from her site. Its been fun to watch how her blog turned into a business and gave her so many different opportunities! 

For Round 5 of #thehandmadehustle on my Instagram account, I sewed up this combo of patterns from Mrs. Rae herself. I was excited bc I’ve been needing a dress like this for ages. Comfy, easy, but flattering.

Here are the things I did to make my version!

Here is where Rae shows you how to mash the two patterns together.


I used a lycra, spandex, poly blend (my best guess since I bought it at a random shop in LA) which basically feels like the material you’d use for workout leggings. Really nice ones. Its thick, soft and stretchy. And the color is just my favorite!! I think the slight sheen of the fabric makes it seem slightly less casual. 

Pattern details:

The Jade Pattern is for a boatneck shirt with two different sized necklines. I chose the smaller one, but then took in the top corner at the shoulder in another 1/2″ because I wear a racerback bra that is ALWAYS showing and it drives me crazy!

I did the 3/4 sleeve option. I used the bottom of the Isla dress  (and shirt)as the pattern dictated. My fabric wouldn’t gather with the elastic thread in the bobbin so I just did the long stitch, pull and gather method for gathering the skirt.

I should’ve added pockets. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it! But that’s all that I would do differently.

Pattern Hacking:

I had originally envisioned color blocking the top of the dress in a v-shape on the bodice. I chickened out bc I wasn’t sure if I’d love it. And this fabric was too pretty for me to “waste.” I will show you below how I did this little detail (which could obviously be done with another color!)

  1. I traced the bodice onto butcher paper. 
  2. I sliced  the corner off but added 3/8″ seam allowance to all the parts that would be sewn. (lines are the seam allowances). I realize now I didn’t add that to the top of the triangle. oops!
  3. I decided the triangle wasn’t quite enough so I took my chalk and drew another line parallel to the triangle seam and just pinched the fabric together and served (or sewed) that second line (so I never actually cut it). Of course doing this made the pattern piece slightly smaller, but since the fabric is stretchy I was able to stretch the front to match the back anyway. 

Both patterns (the Jade and Isla) are so great alone, and together they are a match made in heaven! Go check them out HERE! Also, check my Instagram for a fun dance in this dress. (AS ALWAYS!)