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Mixing Prints for the PRINT MIX CHALLENGE!

This month I hosted a challenge on Instagram called the #PRINTMIXCHALLENGE ! It was all about how to mix prints and wear them together. I have a section of my book dedicated to this as well if you’d like your own guidebook to wearing color and prints!

Each week Andrea Jones and I gave a different tip and included photos during the week showing how we apply that tip to pairing prints together!

The 4 we covered in our IG challenge were:

“Busy Prints with Simple Prints.”

Here I paired a busier colorful Painted stripe with one of my dash prints!

“Same/Similar prints with different colors.”

Here I used A few different color ways of my painted stripes prints. I used the Fill-a-yard option on Spoonflower to print more than one on a single yard of fabric. This shirt was made with the Petal Signature Cotton. I like this for things like button shirts and jumpsuits! If you look closely you’ll see that I painted the buttons too! I plan to show a little tutorial on my upcoming YouTube channel.

“Playing with Scale”

Here is a dress I made with a large scale Papercut print and a smaller hand-painted print purse as well as my scarf with a tiny woven pattern. Pairing large with small prints works because the smaller print recedes while the larger print is dominant!

“Similar colors/color schemes that tie them together.”

Both of these pieces (the shirt and the pants) have a rainbow of similar colors (because I designed them in the same collection of course) so they work together even though they are both busy prints!
These two prints work together because there is orange in both prints! (Shirt print found here!)

I have written a lot about this subject over on the Spoonflower blog so I don’t want to be redundant! Go read everything I had to say over there. And the rest and lots of examples…. In the Wear Happy Color: A Guide to a Colorful Wardrobe book!

I’ve been terrible at blogging on my own blog, so I want to stick little snippets of what I write elsewhere over here sometimes. I hope you don’t mind the briefness of this post, and go read more in depth where I’ve taken loads more time! Thanks for stopping by!