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Mixing Prints for the PRINT MIX CHALLENGE!

This month I hosted a challenge on Instagram called the #PRINTMIXCHALLENGE ! It was all about how to mix prints and wear them together. I have a section of my book dedicated to this as well if you'd like your own guidebook to wearing color and prints! Each week Andrea Jones and I gave a different tip and included photos during the week showing how we apply that tip to pairing prints together! The 4 we covered in our IG challenge were:

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My Zadie Jumpsuit in the new Spoonflower Petal Signature Cotton Fabric (review of both!)

When Spoonflower offered to let me have a couple yards of their new Petal Signature Cottonâ„¢ I jumped at the chance!! Hello! I love to sew up my prints, and most especially to be able to give good reviews and feedback to my followers! People are always asking my opinion on the various Spoonflower fabrics and I want to be truthful and honest, because they'll be sewing with my prints and I want them to have a good experience. So here goes. First, you should know...

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The Hand-painted Dress

For years I've been wanting to translate my paintings into fabric. After I finished my BFA in Painting and Drawing at BYU, I filled out applications to all the coolest MFA textile design programs  in NYC (a place I'd always dreamed of living).  I had a blip in that application process that turned into me not actually submitting any of them, and instead going on to work as a display artist for an Anthropologie store outside Chicago. Life takes on different paths and I firmly believe that God...

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