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Patchwork Color-blocking is like Painting!

You all know I was first an artist before I became a sewist right? Until last year when I started sewing all my clothes, I made more paintings than clothes for myself (but pleeennnty for my kids). When I started sewing more, I wanted it to fill the same creative need as painting. I've done that in different ways in the past 6 months. Besides real paint on the fabric, or designing fabric digitally, I have enjoyed painting WITH fabric. That's right. I'm calling patchwork, quilting and color-blocking.... paint-with-fabric. That's what it feels like to me!...

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Kaste Dress Shirt Hack

I present to you my Kaste Dress shirt hack. The pattern is by Named Clothing from their book "Breaking the Pattern." First of all, I am obsessed with this shirt. I never make fancy sleeves or things that are overly feminine and flouncy. It just doesn't feel like me. When I saw this dress (below) though, I immediately bought the book because I needed to make THAT DRESS. Those dramatic sleeves were begging to be flapped and danced in!

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