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Wear Happy Color / Sew Happy Color 2020

A week ago I came out with my Book "Wear Happy Color: A Guide to a Colorful Wardrobe." I made this book because last year I held the first "Sew Happy Color" challenge and this year I wanted to give everyone something they could use beyond just that month, and without needing Instagram. I have plans for a bigger hardback book, but until then, I hope this guide helps more people explore the color in their closets! This year, I wanted to open the...

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outtakes from my #sewhappycolor PINK AND RED WEEK video! go check it out here! ITS HERE!!! The fun month of exploring color is finally here! I dreamt this challenge up back in December as I was winding down my 7 weeks of #thehandmadehustle and thinking about what else I could contribute to the sewing community. I have a background in art, and also in teaching art, so I figured why not teach everyone about COLOR? I often see people sewing and wearing neutrals because they're easy...

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