Have you all seen the new Palisade Pants by Papercut Patterns? When their new Geo collection dropped I was immediately drawn to the fun pockets and casual cool styling of this pant.

 I got the pattern and then went straight to Indy Bindy Co. because I envisioned them in some fun Japanese patterned fabric! This Banana stand print by Mannine is everything. I love the more subtle yellow bananas in the background and then the tiny pink ones up front. All of Mannine’s character illustrations have the cutest little stories and backgrounds, and it’s been really fun to learn more about it all. The quality of the fabric was also perfect. It’s a substantial, high quality non-stretch cotton that works great for bottoms but would also work for a dress or shirt. 

Right now Indy Bindy is celebrating the launch of their new website with lots of giveaways so go check her out and get on that newsletter for a discount! You won’t be disappointed in the carefully picked fabrics by “modern, local, small-scale designers in Japan.”

Let’s look at that pocket. It’s the palisade pant’s signature detail. I decided to highlight it with a thin pink (OF COURSE) bias tape so it wouldn’t be lost in banana-land.

Now, if you’ve seen this pattern you’ll be wondering why the rise of my pants isn’t very high. I actually sewed them up normally, but since I’m a shorty, the band was just under my ribs. It looked pretty cool for a solid print pant, but for a patterned pant it was too much. I flipped the band over to see what it looked like, and realized when I did, that it hit the perfect spot.  So, I will show you below what I did to fix it.

I drew a line about 1.75 inches below the current seam, all the way around, then I pinched the fabric and pinned it. I basted it together to see if it would work (which I recommend), and then sewed and serged it. 

I also took in the back leg seams by about 1/4-1/2 inch just because my legs are pretty small. If I were you, I would probably make a muslin/toile beforehand so that I knew where I would need to modify for my body.  You top-stitch all the seams down before you have a chance to see how they fit, so it’s trickier doing it after the fact like I me.

I found them jump-worthy when all was said and done! And also dance-worthy. Go ahead and check that crazy banana-dance out here.

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  1. Amy says:

    Yay!! I love these and good idea on the rise, it doesn’t quite look right on me either. Did you make any adjustments to the crotch?

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