The Cheyenne Tunic Sleeve Hack

I’m an artist and while I love dancing around wearing bananas, putting on a tutu and exploring another country, or wearing the brightest of colors, I’m also preppy at heart. Weird right? I am also an expressive artist who is a type-A, straight “A” (when in school) student. I don’t always make sense. 

I have at least 6 button-up collared shirts in my closet (and I’ve majorly paired down) because they are honestly my favorite kind of shirt. See, preppy. When I got this union chambray from Maker Mountain Fabrics I knew it had to be a Cheyenne Tunic. 

Worn with my Ginger jeans in Italian denim from Blackbird Fabrics

The Cheyenne Tunic normally is a looser fit. My measurements had me in a size 4. I had a feeling I wanted to size down, and I saw that there was a good amount of ease built into the pattern.  I went ahead and measured the circumference of my favorite oxford just in case, which had a 36” finished measurement. This was similar to the size 2. 

I went with that size and made no adjustments to the pattern other than….. the sleeves. I wanted a puckered sleeve! I actually wanted it to be a higher pucker/gather, but the fabric was thin. If I had put something there when I sewed it on I think it would’ve stood up a little bit more. 

I watched this tutorial on how to take a normal sleeve pattern and add gathers. (Now I want to watch all her videos!) I traced the original pattern piece and just did what she said (splitting the sleeve in 4 parts, measuring and taping down). I believe I spaced 3 top pieces 5 cm apart.  I love the sleeves on my new shirt!

Obligatory jump for joy, but it was frigid out there!! I also love my buttons. They are wooden with orange paint only on the outer rim (from JoAnn’s). 

4 thoughts on “The Cheyenne Tunic Sleeve Hack

  1. This shirt is so pretty. The gathered sleeve heads make it so special!

  2. katiekortman says:

    thank you! I agree!

  3. PoundCake says:

    That’s a very fashion-forward touch! Lovely! Also I’ve got to know – where are those boots from?! I’m always on the hunt for comfy, cute flat boots and those look like they fit the bill!

  4. katiekortman says:

    I got them years ago in NYC and I don’t even know what brand! They are about 14 years old!!!

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