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Color Block Yo’ Sassy Pants!

Unfortunately those didn’t line up the way I thought they might. I was going to laugh at my giant long-legged pant photo, but now we can just give it a courtesy laugh at this “almost funny” photo.

You have hopefully read about the Philippa Pants that I blogged about earlier this week. This blog post uses that pant as the basis, but can be applied to ANY pants (though if you’re doing a material with stretch just make sure to be careful they don’t get wonky). I did this with my son’s hand-me-down baby pants years ago, and decided it would be fun to do it to my own. Its just another way to add some detail, and maybe a pop of another color! (Ps, get ready for a whole month of #SEWHAPPYCOLOR in March over on INSTA!!)

The Fabric for the jacket and pants is from JoAnn Fabrics! The orange and pink are canvas from back in the decor fabric section.

Are you ready to sew some pants that make you want to pose like THIS? Yay! I thought you were! Let’s GO!


  1. Your pant front and back already cut out (nothing sewn yet).

2. Contrasting Fabric (1/3 yard is likely enough, you want it to be long enough with the hem that you get a decent amount of color-blocking on the leg).

3. A fabric pen and seam gauge.

1.Lay the contrasting fabric on the bottom of each of your pant legs and decide what angle you want them to be cut, and how high you want the contrasting color to go up the leg. You need to account for the hem and seam allowance at the top. Make sure that the angles of the back and front legs line up. You can see that I made my color-block angle inward (so it was lower on the inside of both legs).

2. Press under the seam allowance I did 1/2 inch) on all the pieces. Press with the iron so you have a visible crease. Pin it to the corresponding pant leg.

3. While still pinned, open up the color-block piece and mark a line along the seam allowance’s edge for all four pant leg pieces.

4. now you need to open up that color-block piece and line the seam-allowance edge up with your marked line. You will need to slide the fabric slightly so that you make a triangle, as shown above.

This makes it so that when it’s sewn on, and folded back down, it lines up with the pant leg outer edges. I made the mistake of not doing this the first time and it had 1/2 hanging off the side (oops).

5. Now all you have to do is stitch in that crease/ditch that you made earlier! A nice straight line is already prepped for you.

After this you can cut off the back layer, finish the seam (I serged it) and proceed to make your pants!!

We’re calling them the magic butt pants. I don’t have a butt but these pants can let me fake it!

Have you heard that I was on a PODCAST?!?! Want to hear all about my creative journey to where I am now? It was super fun and I think you’ll enjoy listening to it! Check it out HERE!

And make sure you are on instagram tomorrow because you are gonna LOOOOOVE what happened right before this photo was taken:)

4 thoughts on “Color Block Yo’ Sassy Pants!

  1. These are so fun!!! So the bottom is two layers of fabric? That’s way easier than cutting each piece separately lol.

  2. katiekortman says:

    no actually. I guess I left that step off! you sew it to the pants and then cut off the back layer! then serge the seams. I need to go fix that! thanks!

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