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My Yellow Yanta Overalls

I am so excited to show you all my new favorite overalls—the Yanta Overalls by Helen’s Closet! Helen so kindly gifted me this pattern, and then Fabric-Store asked me if I’d like to try some of their linen (that would be a big fat DUH——I’m a linenaholic) so I put the two together to help me this lemony, bright, happy pair!

I had been brooding over how I wanted to hack these when I saw the post by @alexandria_arnold on Instagram. She made the straps into those cute ties and instantly I knew I had to copy!!

Here is how I did it:

Materials: I ordered 2 yards of yellow linen and one yard of light pink.

  1. I took the strap pattern and extended the length about 12- 15 inches longer (maybe I forgot to take the exact measurement). I figured I could just trim it if it was too long.
  2. I made 2 tabs from rectangles that were 3” by 6”. I sewed them RST and then turned them right side out and topstitched the two long parallel edges.
  3. When sewing the facing to the bib of the overalls, I inserted the tabs like an upside down “U” just overlapping the inside short edges of the tabs by 1/8”. I then sewed the overalls as indicated in the pattern.
  4. When I did the straps for the back, I put them in like the pattern suggests, but instead I let them be long and put them through the tabs I’d created to tie them into knots. At this point you can shorten them if you don’t like how long they are!

The other thing I did to my overalls was to take them in at the legs. I sewed the size for my hips (which are a smaller size than my waist and bust) going off the finished measurements to decide. I wanted a less-baggy fit for this pair.


When I sewed the inner seam of the legs I took it in about 1/2-1” in the thigh (I have thin-ish thighs). I liked the slimmer look of the leg.

One more note: When I sewed the pale pink linen pockets I doubled up the fabric instead of just folding under the edges, because I thought it was too translucent for a single layer.


I love these overalls and I’m sure I’ll be making another pair in the future! The linen is so nice and they feel so substantial and perfect for both summer and fall.

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