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Gettin’ Fancy This Holiday Season with Spoonflower Fabric!

Rainbow Stripes by Katie Kortman

Okay, Okay so maybe not everyone wants to look like they just went to Mardi Gras or stepped off of a parade float when they go to a party. Not everyone does…. But I DO! I remember thinking holiday dresses needed to look a certain way, once upon a time. No MORE! I have freed myself from all the social norms and I am living my most authentic life, which means lots of color and crazy pipe cleaner crowns okay??

And look! I’m not the only one who favors some fun prints for fancy events! The pattern-mixing queen— Marcy Harriell— made this dress out of Spoonflower’s Linen Cotton Canvas and the purse out of their Dogwood Denim in prints from several children’s drawings! You need to run and check out her inspiring blog where she details all her fancy dresses made from fun, bright prints right NOW!

Today I’m going to give you some pattern, print, and substrate pairings that I think would make fabulous attire for any event you have to attend this season!

Spoonflower Fabric: Chiffon

Shibori Wing Spots by nouveau_bohemian

I love this print that looks like a textured watercolor or shibori-dyed fabric. It is especially lovely sheer in chiffon!

Fabric Specs:

100% polyester chiffon fabric with a translucent look and delicate drape

  • Printable width: 54 in (137 cm)
  • 1.5 oz per square yard (50 gsm)
  • Non-optic white
  • Estimated shrinkage: 0-1% in length and width

This fabric has a nice feel and while it is sheer, it still has some weight to it so that it’s not terrible to sew (its not overly slippery). I thought it would pair perfectly with the Wilder Gown pattern by Friday Pattern Company. You can make a slip dress for under neath, or just let it be sheer! That pattern is flowy, and this chiffon would give it the perfect drape.

Another idea came from Victoria Lucille Anne:

She bought one of my dash prints (yay!) in the chiffon and made the Vogue pattern you see above (V1627)

Green with Peach Dashes by Katie Kortman

This pattern looks as fancy as you can get, yet as comfortable as pajamas (kind of like the wilder gown)! Hey, maybe you should be planning out your holiday dress so that its something you don’t have to worry about taking off after the party is over!

New Holiday Dress Plan: Make a dress I can also wear to bed.

Spoonflower Fabric: Poly Crepe De Chine

Watercolor Blue Skies by Small Hours Shop

Oh guys. This is probably my favorite of the “fancy” fabrics on Spoonflower. So much so that I’ve made 2 dresses from it. It has the drape of the chiffon but is less sheer and has a little more weight.

Here are the specs:

100% polyester crepe de chine fabric with a semi-sheer look and delicate drape 

  • Printable width: 52 in (132 cm)
  • 1.9 oz per square yard (65 gsm)
  • White
  • Estimated shrinkage: 0-1% in length and 1-2% in width

Don’t be dissuaded by the “poly” content. Let me tell you. This fabric prints beautifully and the colors are so vivid. I’ve worn it in the summer and spring and it was breezy and not sweaty at all! Its flowy and you only need to line it if there isn’t too much white!

I love that watercolor print above, and I think it would be beautiful sewn into View B or C of the McCall’s M7973 pattern. Of course I would make the bow 3 times as wide, but that’s just me.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Katie Kortman

This dress, using McCall’s M7834 (which I added a big bow to and cropped the sleeves) was so comfortable at Tabitha Sewer’s meet up. I could dance, run to and from the train (NYC), and do all the things! Poly Crepe de Chine is so comfortable.

So when I needed to make something dramatic and fun for the Atlanta Frocktails event, I new which fabric I wanted to use!

Rainbow Stripes by Katie Kortman

I used McCall’s M7998 but changed the sleeves (even though I really love them). Because I did have a lot of white on this print I decided to line it with a similar weight lining from Joann’s.

This pattern is cut on the bias which was fun because I was able to have the stripes going in all different directions! I made my own sleeves and then just fit them to the armscye of this pattern. To give them volume I underlined the crepe with taffeta and put medium/heavy weight interfacing on the top edge of the sleeve before pleating it. I also added shoulder pads.

I changed out the bottom of the dress with a gathered skirt instead of one on the bias.

Give this substrate a chance. I don’t think you’ll regret it!

Spoonflower Fabric: Organic Cotton Sateen

Tree Topped~Christmas Comfort by RetroRudolphs

Do you want the comfort of cotton but with a little fancy touch? That’s the Organic Cotton Sateen. It has a sheen to it that makes it look just a little fancier than your average cotton. It would make a beautiful button-up shirt, or a fun dress like McCall’s M7974. I like the details on this one, with those gathers at the bustling and the puffed sleeves. Other Patterns that would work well are the Hinterland dress, Fringe dress, and any fit-and-flare type silhouette!

Here are the specs:

100% organic cotton fabric with a subtle sheen and soft hand

  • Printable width: 56 in (142 cm)
  • 3.8 oz per square yard (130 gsm) 
  • Optic white 
  • Estimated shrinkage: 3-4% in length and width
  • Certified organic cotton by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)

Here is a dress I made with it!

Multi-color dot Rainbow by Katie Kortman

I hacked the Vita Blouse and made it into a comfy but wild dress with my Rainbow Dot print!

Nicole here, used an “Urban Leaf” print in Cotton Sateen to make a fancy Zadie Jumpsuit for Atlanta Frocktails! It was the perfect print for #posingwithplants of course!

Spoonflower Fabric: Petal Signature Cotton

Art Deco Swans by Katerhees

How fun is this print? And there are lots of variations you need to check out! Now the Petal Signature Cotton is the “basic” quilting fabric Spoonflower offers. But let me tell you….it is so much better than that! It holds its shape well and has some weight to it, so it can be used in patterns where you might use linen. I think it would looks fabulous with the Floreat dress pattern by Meghan Nielsen!

Here are the Specs:

100% natural cotton fabric that’s versatile, soft and easy to sew

  • Printable width: 42 in (107 cm)
  • 4.3 oz per square yard (145 gsm)
  • White
  • Estimated shrinkage: 2-3% in length and 4-5% in width

I made my Zadie Jumpsuit out of it!

Spoonflower Fabric: Silky Faille

Flowerbed II Abstract Cut Paper Floral Print by Alicemoore

The Silky Faille is the thickest of the drapey-synthetics. It won’t need to be lined (unless your pattern calls for it), and it will be a little warmer (than the chiffon and crepe de chine) for these parties in the cold winter! The Cielo Dress and Top would be a perfect pattern for this fabric. How about this print though? I want a dress in this one!!

Here are the specs:

100% polyester fabric with a slinky feel and matte finish 

  • Printable width: 54 in(137 cm)
  •  4.4 oz per square yard (150 gsm) 
  • Optic White
  • Estimated shrinkage: 1-2% in length and 0-1% in width
PINK RED BLUE to the MAX and SewFrosting Navy Small both by KatieKortman

Both Meredith and I are wearing tops made with Silky Faille!

Spoonflower Fabric: Lightweight Cotton Twill

Christmas Watercolor Plaid by Little Arrow Design

If you’ve ever used twill, this is no different, except that it IS lightweight. It is thin enough you could use it for a shirt, thick enough you could use it for a skirt. You could do a loose pant, but I wouldn’t use it on a fitted pant pattern. Twill has a diagonal weave/grain on the front side which gives it a different feel than the other cottons mentioned. I think it would be really fun in this watercolor plaid (pictured) that is a subtle ode to Christmas but not so much so that you couldn’t wear this dress after the holidays are over. I think the Avid Seamstress : The Day Dress would be the perfect silhouette for this substrate and print!

Here are the specs:

100% natural cotton twill fabric with a with a sturdy, drapable construction

  • Printable width: 58 in (147 cm)
  • 5.8 oz per square yard (195 gsm) 
  •  White
  • Estimated shrinkage: 4-6% in length and 1-2% in width

Spoonflower Fabric: Modern Jersey

Holiday Folk Art by Shelby Allison

As far as knits go, I normally always choose a natural fiber (besides scuba knit). I wouldn’t have ever tried the Modern Jersey if I hadn’t seen and felt it on someone else and been instantly enamored with it! It is smooth and lightweight, not overly stretchy and holds up after lots of washes. In my experience, it doesn’t fade or pill. And it isn’t sweaty! I’m not joking, it feels sort of heavenly. I made a Kielo Wrap Dress with some of mine, and that is why I am recommending it to you all! This would be another dress you could also wear-to-bed-after-the-party. HA!!

The Fabric Specs:

95% polyester, 5% spandex jersey knit fabric with plenty of stretch and a cotton-like feel

  • Printable width: 56 in (142 cm)
  •  6.2 oz per square yard (210 gsm)
  • White
  • Estimated shrinkage: 2-4% in length and 0-1% in width

Here you can see the dress I made with it (hiked up so I could do this special pose….)!

Rainbow Linear by Katie Kortman

Spoonflower Fabric: Celosia Velvet

Fable Floral JUMBO by nouveau_bohemian

I love this moody floral in rich velvet for a classy, structured look. I thought it would be fun to make a blazer (such as the Jasika Blazer by Closet Case Patterns), and a skirt (such as the Salida skirt (in the view not pictured here actually– view A) out of this print. You could wear them both separately, or together, and definitely get more than just holiday wear out of them both! What I love about the Spoonflower velvet, is how rich and vibrant the colors print on it. It also feels nice to the touch of course!

The Celosia Velvet is heavy, so you want to make structured garments. A pinafore or jumper would also be a great!

The Fabric Specs:

100% polyester velvet fabric with a short pile and subtle shimmer 

  • Printable width: 54 in (137 cm)
  • 10.9 oz per square yard (370 gsm)
  • Non-optic white
  • Estimated shrinkage: 5-6% in length and 2-3% in width

Here is something I have made with the velvet in one of my own prints!

(I always wear a blazer with my swimsuit… don’t you?)

Here are some other great Spoonflower prints that I’ve curated into a collection that you can shop from HERE!

I hope that whatever you print or fabric you choose, wearing it will make you want to dance, twirl and squeal with joy from the rooftops!

Instead of wanting to cut your friends’ heads off!!!!!!

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  1. Melody Srygley says:

    I enjoyed this pre-holiday post & LOVE your designs!
    Have you tried the cotton knits (organic & not) and the cotton gauze?

  2. Katie kortman says:

    Yes! I’ve sewn with both. The cotton spandex has more stretch but does fade a little. The organic cotton is thicker with a little less stretch but is cozy and soft. The sport Lycra is my fave for swimwear and gym wear. Or a body con dress would be awesome in it too!

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    I so love your rainbow design 🌈😎

  4. katiekortman says:

    Thank you so much!!

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