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Striped, Puffy Sleeved Shirts Aren’t Just For Pirates: Simplicity S8839 Pattern Review and Hack!

This Simplicity Pattern has been sitting in my cabinet since I bought it last spring. I’ve been DYING to sew it up, but by the time I had the chance, it was too warm outside to really be wearable. A few weeks ago I noticed this gorgeous striped linen on Measure Fabric‘s Instagram and asked Maria if this could be the fabric we used for our monthly Measure Maker post! She was initially surprised since it wasn’t screaming with bright colors, but I assured her that I do in fact also like more calm colors and prints as well! HA!

I spoke about the luxurious feel (and smell… bc I really couldn’t stop smelling those natural fibers while I would sew… I just loved it) in my Instagram Stories. I asked if I should use the scalloped striped front or the woven backside, because both were so special. I decided to use both.

Here is the pattern: Simplicity S8839. I loved the pattern cover exactly as it was sewn up (View A) (Which is a rarity to be sure…). But when I looked at my fabric.. I worried I would look too much like a pirate? So I added a collar…. not thinking about how that could actually solidify that idea even more. I am embracing it.

This is how I hacked a collar:

You can see the front VS. the back of the fabric in this shot!

I took the neck facings for view A and folded them in half (or you could just use the actual pattern piece with is already a half). I layed them (front is on the left, and the back facing is on the right in this photo) on top of the fabric so I could trace the shape and add some extra width.

You can see here that I added about 3/4″ width to make the collar pieces, plus I changed the angle of the collar ends about 30 degrees upward.

I cut 4 pieces like this, and interfaced 2 of them (on for each side). Then, with RST I sewed around 3 edges (not the neck circle edge) on both collar pieces. I turned them Right-side-out and pressed.

(My label is attached to the facing)

Next, I attached them to the shirt by lining them up at the center front and back RST with the shirt and basting. I then put the facings RST on top of the collar and stitched all three layers.

I under stitched the SA to the collar and facings. I attached the facing to the shoulders by stitching in the ditch at the shoulder seam.

The back

You can see how they come together in the back here as well.

I’ll admit. When I first put the shirt on, I wasn’t sure about it. Were the sleeves too pirate-y? Was the shirt maybe too long? But I pushed that elastic puff up my arm and tucked the shirt into my jeans and…. magic.

This is my favorite shirt right now. FAVORITE. And I haven’t washed it yet because I fear the wonderful scent of linen will be gone when I do.

Special Thanks to my friend Tracey at Mocha Girl Place for opening her home to me for this photoshoot! Go follow her people! Her home is beautiful and inspiring!

And thank you to Measure Fabric for always providing me with the highest quality fabrics!!

2 thoughts on “Striped, Puffy Sleeved Shirts Aren’t Just For Pirates: Simplicity S8839 Pattern Review and Hack!

  1. This is so cool. I love this top, but the picture that inspired you on the pattern envelope and your version too, of course. The collar is so cute. Just wondering if I could get away the pirate-y ness of this top; I’m from the South West of the UK where we all speak like pirates!

  2. katiekortman says:

    Ha! I’m sure you could! Just make it in a dark fabric maybe? Or a print that doesn’t make you think “pirate.”

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