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Organza and Leather Cielo Top: Adding Leather Details to a Shirt.

If you’re like me, you find a pattern you love, and you make it over and over. This would be my 4th Cielo Top by Closet Case Patterns. I love the boxy body and big sleeves, so why not have a bunch in my closet out of all different fabrics? I have made the Cielo dress and top in linen, the top in boiled wool, and now this — the fancy schmancy organza version!

This floral satin organza brocade is dreamy on its own. It is sheer and ethereal, making me feel like a fancy, floaty, princess-y girl. But I also love to juxtapose different textures and so I had the idea to do some leather appliques on top of the soft organza. The leather and the organza are both from Measure Fabric, who carries many colors and types of leathers, as well as fine quality fabrics.

How to Add Leather Appliques to Your Garment:





Cutting mat

Heavy Duty Hand Needle

Button or Top-stitching thread (something thicker than standard thread)

  1. Cut the leather into shapes
  2. Place the shapes on top of your cutting mat. Using the awl and mallet/hammer, punch holes where you plan to sew. For my shapes, 3-4 holes was all I needed. I ended up preferring the 3 holes, and stitched in a triangular pattern so I began and ended at the same hole, easily tying it off.
  3. As you sew, try to use the holes you previously punched.
  4. Tie and knot the ends of the threads. You can add some fray check or other adhesive to the ends to prevent unraveling of the knots.

As far as the top goes, I did lengthen the sleeve and didn’t use the bottom pattern piece for the sleeve band. I will someday, but have not yet on any of my versions! I really love all the breeze I can get flowing up those big ol’ sleeves and don’t want to do anything to hinder that! I also used the back of the fabric instead of the front, because I wanted this too be really pale. The front side of this fabric is a little more vibrant, and also looks really stunning!

I mean…… look at those sleeves!!!! And I paired it with my new Earrings sent to me by Ninka Pop, who makes really fun, colorful, playful things!

I think this fabric would be dreamy as a lined skirt or a sheer kimono jacket (my original plan), but I’m smitten with this top as it is, and cannot wait to wear it out for Valentine’s Day this year! It’s comfortable and easy, yet looks fancy because of the fabric. That is a total win in my book. Comfort + Fancy = Perfection.

I paired it with my Sasha trousers (also Closet Case Patterns) and some clogs from Swedish Hasbeens, to round out my coral, pink, lilac and ORANGE look!! Those are some pretty analogous colors together, huh!?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! And if you follow me here, but not on Instagram, then you might not know I am coming out with a Digital book soon! It is all about Color Theory and your Wardrobe. I am SO EXCITED about it, and just know you all will love it!!! It’s been a long time goal of mine to write some sort of art/craft book, but a year ago someone put a bug in my ear about writing a book along these lines– since I was teaching classes on it. I plan to do a bigger, hardback, coffee-table-type book in the future, but this is the precursor “Guidebook” version, in preparation for Sew/ Wear Happy Color in March! So sign up for my newsletter to be the first to hear about it, and get a discount! (Also watch out– My website is getting a rehaul at the same time!)