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Organza and Leather Cielo Top: Adding Leather Details to a Shirt.

If you're like me, you find a pattern you love, and you make it over and over. This would be my 4th Cielo Top by Closet Case Patterns. I love the boxy body and big sleeves, so why not have a bunch in my closet out of all different fabrics? I have made the Cielo dress and top in linen, the top in boiled wool, and now this -- the fancy schmancy organza version! This floral satin organza brocade is dreamy on...

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DIY Sewing

I Sewed a Leather Bag! (Plus a Book Review)

Have you all heard about this new book "SEW BAGS?" It has just been released and it can be found at Joann's (in store), Barnes and Noble , Amazon, and other book sellers! My friend Hilarie Dayton wrote it and she did an amazing job!! The beginning of the book covers color theory, design, construction tips and concepts that can be used for more than just making bags (stop it Hilarie! I need to put that stuff in my future book!! haha). The rest of...

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Pom-Poms and Leather Make Great Earrings. Also Headband Crowns…

Oh my gosh, why does that girl look so happy?!? She looks like she's at a super fun party for people who love bright colors! Shhhhh... Here's a little secret. I AM happy, but that's because I'm wearing pom-poms on my wrists, a fun skirt, and these super fun earrings I just made! That backdrop was just for fun, and the only party was me at my sewing machine (I guess I get to party every night then!!). Materials Needed:

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