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My Zadie Jumpsuit in the new Spoonflower Petal Signature Cotton Fabric (review of both!)

When Spoonflower offered to let me have a couple yards of their new Petal Signature Cottonâ„¢ I jumped at the chance!! Hello! I love to sew up my prints, and most especially to be able to give good reviews and feedback to my followers! People are always asking my opinion on the various Spoonflower fabrics and I want to be truthful and honest, because they’ll be sewing with my prints and I want them to have a good experience. So here goes.

First, you should know a little bit about the fabric’s specs….

This new Petal Signature Cottonâ„¢ will be replacing the Basic Cotton and Kona cotton (the basic cotton didn’t have a vibrant printing of the ink in my opinion so no loss there!).

  • “Kona” quality (Which I’m sure is why they’re phasing that one out!)
  • Quilting weight (4.3 oz/sq yd) (I found that it seemed very substantial for a quilting weight!!)
  • 44-45” wide; 42” printable width (so not as wide as some of the other apparel and home dec fabrics)
  • Simple/ plain weave (Even-weave (consistency of yarn)
  • Crafting cotton (though I used it for apparel and LOVED it)
  • Vivid, even colors (very very VERY vivid!! I was so surprised considering its a natural fiber!)
  • Oeko-Tex®  certified (FREAKING AWESOME!!)

The print I used is from my Spoonflower Shop as part of my newest collection, “Dashes.” This design is available at full scale (pictured here), and also in a smaller scale for projects that warrant a smaller print (swimwear anyone?).

I have printed on a good number of substrates from Spoonflower, and I was incredibly impressed when I received this fabric. Why? Because the previous quilting weight cotton hadn’t printed anywhere near as vivid as this did! Do you see that green?? And the peach? It printed out JUST as bright as I wanted it to!

When I held the fabric in my hand I never would’ve thought, “Oh this is quilting cotton.” It felt so substantial and could be used in all sorts of apparel projects. I’m actually thinking a pair of Emerson Crop Pants would be cool in one of my Dash prints in the Petal Fabric. Yes, this fabric would work anywhere you’d use a cotton or linen I think!

It sews so easily and irons well too. I can’t say enough good things about this fabric. (And totally not just because I got it for free!! I PROMISE!)

Zadie Jumpsuit Review:

Pictured above was my first Zadie. I made it out of various linens and its dreamy, but the fit is a little too big for me. I ended up taking the darts in a little more and adding darts in the back in order to take some of it in. The pattern doesn’t say it runs big, so, but I was scared. My advice it to go down 1-2 sizes for a slightly closer fit. For my second, the Spoonflower fabric jumpsuit, I went down 2 sizes. I like the fit a lot better for this one. The linen is great, but it stretches out and was already a little big, so it gets to be pretty huge by the end of the day!

Even Going down 2 sizes I can do this. Phew! I think I may add a little snap though to keep it closed for all the wrestling around I do with kids all day.

And don’t worry, I can also still do my signature JUMP!!

……Or pretend to be a lady. My mom told me on this trip (this photo is at her house) that I’ve suddenly become a LADY. I asked her “what does that mean mom??” She said I seemed grown-up. Um…. I’m 38 with 4 kids, but now I’m finally…. a LADY. So naturally I had to do a lady pose in my FABULOUS jumpsuit.

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  1. You’re the best! Love the review and bright colors and fit and poses!

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