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The Cottesloe Swimsuit Review using Fill-a-Yard Spoonflower Fabric

Look! My swimsuit has boobs of its own!! Actually they’re foam cups. Tricked ya. Megan put great instructions for adding supportive cups in the lining, so I tried it out!

The DAY the Cottesloe swimsuit pattern was released by Megan Nielsen Patterns, I bought it. When I saw that pattern it was like someone had read my MIND! A swimsuit that held things in place so I could run, jump and play with my kids, but was also cute and flattering? Sign ME UP! (So I did.)

My next thought was…. this would be perfect in some of my new Spoonflower prints!!!! I knew I could use the fill-a-yard feature to get the large and small dash prints in one yard (which is all you need for this swimsuit)!

When you are doing “fill-a-yard” you just create a “collection” of prints on your account (or go to a premed collection like my dash prints) and then select the ones you want to fill-a-yard with (you can fill more than 2 as well).

What I SHOULD’VE done was place the original pattern piece on top of the fill-a-yard bc it would’ve already been color-blocked for me (to do it this way make sure you select the “horizontal” filling option!). Unfortunately I realized this AFTER doing what you see above.

What I did was this: I traced the pattern front and backs and then cut them at the lengthen/shorten line, adding 3/8″ seam allowance to both pieces. Before starting the pattern, I sewed those pieces together and then proceeded as the pattern indicates!

I found this pattern to be incredibly thoroughly written. If you have never sewn a swimsuit before, Megan will give you all the details to make you a confident beginner. This swimsuit (or “swimming costume” if you’re over in the UK!! haha) can be sewn by anyone that knows how to sew stretch fabric!

I always wear big earrings to the beach don’t you? And do you like how my skin matches the sand? If I were naked I’d totally camouflage. You would be wondering why two earrings are just floating along the beach. Ghost Katie.
I chose the high-back option bc I figured I would be more supported in the front? Also, I sewed in some foam cups to help those post-4-children ladies out.

As with any garment, the big test for me is…. CAN I JUMP IN IT?? And if you plan to do any instagram jumps or otherwise, well, this suit keeps everything in its place. Nothing popping out here fellas, move right along please.

Cutest little 2 year old who finds great joy in shooting people with water guns…..

I have four of those. FOUR. So it almost never happens that I’m at the beach with just one of them. But this guy and I had a little photoshoot-and-play date there this week. Lucky for me he doesn’t care to get in the water, which I knew was still FREEZING. (He’s also wearing one of my Spoonflower prints!)

So how about it? Are you ready to sew a swimsuit? By-the-way, last summer was the first time I took the “plunge” (ha!) and tried sewing a swimsuit. I made my own patterns from suits I already liked, said a prayer (kidding) and went for it. Guess what I found out? IT WASN’T HARD! And you don’t need a serger (though I used one). I challenge you to do it! The Cottesloe is the perfect first swimsuit to sew. Promise.

6 thoughts on “The Cottesloe Swimsuit Review using Fill-a-Yard Spoonflower Fabric

  1. Liz Harges says:

    Ok… I’m going to give this a try because yours looks so good. Question, what type of elastic did you use? I have made knit body suits successfully but its a different game with lycra. Thanks.

  2. Brava Katie! Adorable as always! 😘

  3. Kirsten says:

    Fantastic swimsuit, great idea to use two different sizes of the same print. You look fabulous! You make a strong argument for the Cottesloe- I would buy it based on your recommendation, except I already bought it. Ha!

  4. Utamika says:

    Ooh it’s so pretty Katie! Love it! I have tried swimauira in the past. Hoping to try again this summer😍🙌🏿


  5. This suit turned out AMAZING!!! And you look amazing in it!!!

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