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I Sewed a Leather Bag! (Plus a Book Review)

Have you all heard about this new book “SEW BAGS?” It has just been released and it can be found at Joann’s (in store), Barnes and Noble , Amazon, and other book sellers! My friend Hilarie Dayton wrote it and she did an amazing job!!

The beginning of the book covers color theory, design, construction tips and concepts that can be used for more than just making bags (stop it Hilarie! I need to put that stuff in my future book!! haha). The rest of the book is filled with patterns and instructions for sewing purses and bags, starting with the most simple projects to the more complex. You will gain skills as you sew each one, gradually building your purse collection as well;)

Materials I used to make my leather bag:

*Thin suede from Mood Fabrics

*Jacquard textile paints

*Leather needles


*Clips (instead of pins because I was using leather)


*washi tape or a teflon foot (you put the tape on the presser foot but bc mine was thin suede I didn’t think this was totally necessary)

*The “Savannah Cross-Body Bag” pattern in the book

(I didn’t interface mine because it was leather)

I first painted the leather using the same paints and methods I used when painting fabric! I then opened my book and got sewing.

How cute is it in fabric as well?? And you guys it sews up SO FAST. I loved that little pleat detail and instantly knew this was the bag I wanted to make.

It’s not a huge bag, but it is the perfect size to fit your wallet, keys, phone, and a few other small things. It would be very, very, easy to enlarge the pattern and then follow the same directions if you wanted it to be bigger though. Hilarie will be teaching you how soon over on her BLOG.

Because I was sewing the bag with leather instead of fabric as the pattern calls for, I decided to topstitch it with a zigzag instead of making a tube that you pull right side out. I’m sure I could’ve folded under that edge so it wasn’t raw but……. ummmmm sometimes I cut corners.

You can see that my machine had a little bit of trouble with some of the zig zagging in the thicker areas in the photo above. Luckily, because I used matching thread it also didn’t bother me!

I love that this pattern is fully lined but uses a facing at the edge of the opening, because it made it easier to do with the leather (less bulk). (And look I lined it with some of my Spoonflower fabric!)

My daughter tried to steal it away the moment she saw it!

Do you see this table of contents? Look at all that great educational content in the beginning even before you begin sewing! This book is more than just a book about sewing purses and bags, it can teach someone about all sewing and design.

If you’ve never sewn a bag and want to learn, I recommend this book! Or if you want a bunch of patterns all in one book– this is a great pick. This book would be great content for a sewing class……. (Which makes sense because Hilarie owns a sewing studio in Norfolk where she does just that!)

Go get your copy!!!

And of course, follow along for our blog tour to see what incredible creations other sewists are making and enter to win a copy of Sew Bags at every stop! You can enter the C&T giveaway HERE.

***This review was done in exchange for the book which was gifted to me.

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  1. Delaine says:

    This looks like it is an awesome book! Thanks!

  2. That came out amazing! So cute.

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    Yes it really is!

  4. katiekortman says:

    Thank you! I felt pretty proud for my first leather sewing project!

  5. Holly says:

    So cute and perfect size. I like the painting.

  6. Christi says:

    I love your color choice. Looks like a great book.

  7. katiekortman says:

    Yeah it added that personal touch:)

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