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Let’s Make Pants THAT FIT!

I remember the first time I made a pair of structured shorts for myself. Alina had asked me to help test her first pattern-- the Chi-town Chinos. I had never sewn something like that before. I usually strayed from anything that looked hard, and didn't do zippers very often either. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it out though, especially knowing I'd have Alina to help me out if I stumbled through any of the directions! (By the way her directions are STELLAR and help newbies out so much!!) I am A member of...

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The Fulton Sweater Blazer

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for this FABULOUS blazer! Its called the "Fulton Sweater Blazer" and its by Alina Design Co.  Its soft but structured, it looks sleek yet is as comfortable as a cardigan. The best parts? That collar and THOSE GIANT POCKETS! You know what I can stick in there? Everything. I can probably leave my diaper bag at home now because I can just throw it all in those pockets. I love that the back has a seam. It results in more structure and the ability to make...

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