Review and hacks: Mini-Cottesloe and Mini-Eucalypt patterns for kids!

I'll keep sewing her clothes until she makes me stop! I was so excited to try out these two mini versions of the adult patterns by Megan Nielsen. I am always on the look out for simple, quick-sewing patterns that I can make for my kids without costing my precious sewing-for-me time (here is where I would insert the hand covering eyes emoji....). These two patterns fit the bill exactly AND they had sizes that still worked for my growing child! Let me tell...

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The Cottesloe Swimsuit Review using Fill-a-Yard Spoonflower Fabric

Look! My swimsuit has boobs of its own!! Actually they're foam cups. Tricked ya. Megan put great instructions for adding supportive cups in the lining, so I tried it out! The DAY the Cottesloe swimsuit pattern was released by Megan Nielsen Patterns, I bought it. When I saw that pattern it was like someone had read my MIND! A swimsuit that held things in place so I could run, jump and play with my kids, but was also cute and flattering? Sign ME UP! (So I did.) My next...

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