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Pom-Poms and Leather Make Great Earrings. Also Headband Crowns…

Oh my gosh, why does that girl look so happy?!? She looks like she’s at a super fun party for people who love bright colors!

Shhhhh… Here’s a little secret. I AM happy, but that’s because I’m wearing pom-poms on my wrists, a fun skirt, and these super fun earrings I just made! That backdrop was just for fun, and the only party was me at my sewing machine (I guess I get to party every night then!!).

Materials Needed:

Wool Felt Pom-Poms (which you can buy in many places like):

Amazon, Etsy, or make them yourself (I couldn’t find the tutorial but I made some back in the day using soap, hot water, and wool roving)

Leather Scraps

Earring Findings

Thread and needle

  1. Sew the pom-poms together with the thread, aiming to keep the thread as tight and invisible from the front of the pom-pom cluster.
  2. Cut leather shapes (2-3) and figure out your configuration.
  3. Poke holes at the top of each leather piece and run the thread from the pom-poms through those holes.
  4. Bring the thread back up to the top pom-pom and attach a jump ring, or attach the earring hook right to it.
  5. Tie it off with a few knots and your done!

Remember this headband? Well I’m going to give you a quick how-to on that as well!

Materials needed:

Wool felt balls (AGAIN!)


Hot Glue

Metal Headband


  1. Cut the wire in 6-8 inch pieces
  2. wrap the wire pieces around the headband and secure by tightly wrapping the ends.
  3. Make a stencil for the shape you want to do the felt covering. The felt covering needs to hold the wires upright so they don’t fall, so think about that as you determine your shape.
  4. Cut 2 pieces of felt and hot glue them on front and back, creating a sandwich. Close the edges under the headband with hot glue as well (I didn’t do this and need to go back and fix it for a more clean finish).
  5. Hot glue pom-poms on the ends of the wires and the front of the felt. You can poke the felt balls onto the wire, but they will still need a touch of hot glue to secure them.