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Perler Bead Barrettes

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've likely already seen this photo and watched my IGTV video detailing how to make these fun barrettes. But in case you haven't..... I've got a quick tutorial for you today to show you how! (And if you're interested in how I made my "pixelated" (perler bead) crown and glasses, you can find the quick how-to HERE. Here are the supplies you will need: E6000 Glue (I used the...

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Living That 8-Bit Life In My Pixelated Dress and Perler Bead Accessories.

When I saw that Measure Fabrics had this pixelated fabric I knew it had to be mine. I mean.... I'd already made a crown that went with it, so it deserved to be worn on MY body, and live in MY home. See??? They were meant to be together!! ......But then I realized that I actually wanted glasses!!!! I wanted them to be a little closer in color scheme, so I got to work with...

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Pom-Poms and Leather Make Great Earrings. Also Headband Crowns…

Oh my gosh, why does that girl look so happy?!? She looks like she's at a super fun party for people who love bright colors! Shhhhh... Here's a little secret. I AM happy, but that's because I'm wearing pom-poms on my wrists, a fun skirt, and these super fun earrings I just made! That backdrop was just for fun, and the only party was me at my sewing machine (I guess I get to party every night then!!). Materials Needed:

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