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DIY Padded and Top knot Style Headband Tutorials

Have you been won over yet by the big headband trend happening this past year? As someone who used to have a handmade hair accessories business, I've always been team headbands. I just don't remember to stick them on my head very often. I made a new stack this week though, and I am ready to fix that! I made two styles of headbands for this post-- two styles I've been seeing and wanted to try my hand at copying. The padded headband-- which I love from Lele- Sadoughi...

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Pom-Poms and Leather Make Great Earrings. Also Headband Crowns…

Oh my gosh, why does that girl look so happy?!? She looks like she's at a super fun party for people who love bright colors! Shhhhh... Here's a little secret. I AM happy, but that's because I'm wearing pom-poms on my wrists, a fun skirt, and these super fun earrings I just made! That backdrop was just for fun, and the only party was me at my sewing machine (I guess I get to party every night then!!). Materials Needed:

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