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Personalized Santa Bags!

I'll admit, I love wrapping presents on Christmas Eve while watching something festive---to a point. I have 4 kids, 2 adults, plus myriad relatives to wrap presents for, and eventually I get tired of wrapping them all (usually by 11 pm I'm growing weary). I remember seeing this concept years ago-- bags you put all the presents in-- and thinking that surely this took the fun out of it all. Who doesn't love the act of ripping open the gifts? But I...

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The Wiksten Kimono Review

I don't know if you saw my dance on Instagram recently, but if you haven't you need to head on over and watch how the Wiksten Kimono jacket can MOVE! Ha!  I bought a fog machine you guys.  JUST FOR THIS DANCE. That is how nuts I really am;) I am head over heels in love with this jacket. I had been eyeing the pattern for awhile, especially after seeing this one.  One day I was at Joann's JUST for some twill (like you can ever leave with one thing) when I saw that fabric above and knew it was destined...

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